Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pushy Rednesday.....

It has been a few weeks since my last rednesday. I am lacking motivation. So many things going on, as my dear bloggy sister Julie said on her blog: "I am learning...learning...God is pushing my buttons...teaching me many things through circumstances...".

Don't get me wrong, I am very GRATEFUL for so many blessings, one of them the WONDERFUL weather here in Cali, I am hurting for my friends back East, they have been hit REALLY hard with snow. I don't even want to imagine My Boricua in that weather, He is still in constant pain, but at least here is sunny.

We have learned that my dear brother in law was diagnosed with lung cancer stage IV and it has spread to the pancreas, this has been very difficult on all of Us. If you find it in your heart, can you please say a prayer for him?

Found this basket at a Salvation Army, I paid less then one dollar, now it's home to ...

this gorgeous plant, I fell in love with it so it HAD to be mine lol...I try not to think so much, just pray, I am trying to make our home a cheerful place to be in.

I saw this beauty a few times at a everyday yard sale, I inquired the price once, but didn't have the re$ource$ for it. I kept going that road but it was always closed until one day... and know it is mine. ;) Full of this and that of course.

This are candelholders, love them.

And this is one of my favorites, it was very cheap, I have learned to thrift 'in bulk' so I can get better prices. Before I used to buy only the item I like and I paid from to 3 to (+) dollars for it, but now I pay the same amount for several little things.

Well it's only the second month of the year, the month of ♥LOVE♥, hope you all have plenty and more of it in your lives.