Friday, February 26, 2010

Colorful finds...

I love colors around my life, they can brighten a sad gray day. They make me smile.

I was in my favorite thrift store without any luck, but suddenly I saw this beauty. A Talavera chest from My Beautiful Mexico and it was only 1.99 dlls..!!! I know Talavera is very expensive here in the US and in the border, I really would like more pieces, but for now I am very happy with my treasure.

I found this bowl at one of the Salvation Army Stores, it is actually a set of 3 bowls, but they seem very fragile to prepare food on them, so I used them as planters, just cover the bottom of the pot with plastic to avoid stains, I paid 5.99 dlls. for the set and that little tree cost only 99 cents at the clearance rack at Lowe's, it was a very sad tree, but now it is beautiful.

This cookie jar was found in my favorite thrift store, it's from Italy, used for some sort of pastry, I love the colors, I believed it was around 3 to 5 dlls.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rednesday and a life lesson...

My bedroom wall with the thrifted wall paper that I love and the Rosary made in Mexico that My Mother gave to me.

My handy dandy red hammer.

My Bambino in his red Pjs.

While I was taking pictures for the previous rednesday post, My Bambino asked me to take a picture of Him and this cute dog from my magazine. Times really DOES go fast. I was feeling a little bit down and I wasn't in the mood to post, but You know, life is really good, GOD is really good. So I want to share with all of You this life lesson I experienced.

My oldest daughter has been asking me about life and the existence of God, I understood God was calling her, so I enrolled her and my youngest daughter in religious class for the First Eucharist. When we took them to class after mass, the Lady in charge offered us to enrolled My Bambino at the kindergarten level, my first response was to say He wouldn't stay, the Lady was very gracious and told us that My Bambino could say hi to the kids and if He didn't want to stay was fine, obviously this Lady is very wise. So, we took him to the classroom and to my surprise My Bambino stayed the whole 45 minutes with the other kids, without his Mama.

I guess I got out of the classroom looking very sad because My Boricua told me: "You look more scared than He really is", and it was true. My heart was half broken, my baby is growing up.

Happy Rednesday...!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rednesday and Ash Wednesday....

I can't believe tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent and somehow the beginning of the end of winter. Ash Wednesday brings so many good memories from my childhood, the food, the meaning of the season, My Familia. It is very hard to be far, far away from my love ones, but I try to find ways to cope with the loneliness, I am very grateful that I found the world of the blogs, it has been a blessing.

Here is my red contribution....

My office, it small but I adore it. It's the hallway leading to the upstairs bedrooms. It was plain white, I found the red wall paper in a second hand store, it's very 80's but it was perfect for this space. I found the little frame with the tulips in my neighborhood Salvation Army, there are some spots in the petals where the paint fell, but I like that way, it has character.

This is a family size bucket for pop corn, it comes with 3 small ones, I found it one day in my favorite thrifstore, when I was ready to pay for my finds I saw it on the counter, asked if it belonged to somebody else and of course the answer was no, so I took it.

My coffee mug, from My Boricua, who's is combat disable veteran and works for the VA Hospital, please pray for our Military and Veteran Men and Women.

My so favorite coat. I was dreaming of a Red Coat for the longest time, but they were expensive, one day at Sears all coats were 50% off, so I thought it was a good deal, to my surprise the register rang it for less than 50%, yeeeyy!! this Mami of 3 was very, very happy.

Happy Rednesday Everyone!!!

Blue - tiful....

I can't believe next month will be our 13th wedding anniversary, I still feel butterflies in my stomach every time I see My Boricua. Where did the time go? Anyways, I got these 2 picture frames in one of my thrift-hunting adventures for $ 1.00 each, unbelievable!! they sparkle under the light, just beautiful.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Just Love...

I never get tired of chocolates on Valentine's Day, Never!!! and thank God My Boricua knows that!!. This box is very cute, the picture doesn't show it well, it looks like needlepoint, very original. Unfortunately, they didn't last long, they were delicious. ;-P

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It Is rednesday....

This rednesday it's dedicated to my maternal grandma or 'mi abuelita'. She past away on May 19th. 1986 and I still miss her so much. She and my grandpa lived with us, what a great blessing that was. Every morning before I went to school She would give me her blessing, doing a Cross signal. When She was on vacation at my aunts homes 4 hours away, She would get out of their house at the precise moment I was about to leave my house for school and from there She would send me her blessings. She called me "mama mia", I was her favorite and that saved me from several punishments due to my misbehaving. I got the frame and picture from my Mom in our trip to Mexico last year, when I saw it I asked for a copy of the pic, and the night before we left She gave it to me.

Next my beautiful tea pot. I bought it at an oriental store at the mall, I saw it few weeks before but I decided (as moms do all the time) that I could wait. Next visit I couldn't say no, it was only $8.99, so it wasn't a big expense and We enjoy it so much. I like the box too it is so elegant!

Last but not least, my thrifted red shoes, a great bargain at $ 3.00. I super adore them, comfy, cute and RED!!

Do You salsa?

No marks or place of origin. But still cute.

We love salsa! and not only the dance, we love salsa in all its varieties. I made salsa verde and chicken quesadillas. I found this jelly set? in my favorite thrift store but I use it for our salsa. I just love it, it's perfect for different salsas. This time I made salsa verde fresca ( fresh green or tomatillo salsa ) and salsa verde asada ( roasted green or tomatillo salsa ) mmm!!

Syracuse china dish.

Quesadillas are sooo easy to make. All You need is tortillas, (corn of flour) cheese to melt and whatever left over You have, meat, veggies, etc.

Heat a skillet, heat tortillas, add cheese and meat or veggies, toast and voila!!!

Syracuse china dish.

Homemade super easy chicken quesadillas and salsa verde. Mmm!!

Fresh green or tomatillo salsa and roasted green (tomatillo) salsa, (hard to pick one) in thrifted jars set.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


It's red time....

Today my post includes my red blackberry pearl and the red tray I found in my favorite thrifstore. Red is my favorite color, specially now that I live in NY, coming from the desert I am not used to gray cloudy days. Red makes me happy.