Monday, December 19, 2011

I will say it : NEVER !!

My daily routine.

Wow ! when was my last post? I don't have an idea. My brain has been in a sort of a fog. So much has happened in this year coming to an end. Most of it has been good, actually very good. But there is always a "but" isn't? I'm not complaining just venting out, some healthy and much need it venting out.

I was feeling very tired so when the time came to take one of my yearly exams I brought the matter to my doctor. I had a complete blood work done and oh surprise, it came back with news I have diabetes. Actually I wasn't surprised. The symptoms I was experiencing were those of diabetes and yes, I google them that's why I wasn't surprised. Oh and there is a "little detail" my previous doctors fail to tell me about, I had gestational diabetes in my last two pregnancies and NO ONE, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE of those physicians warned me that 80 % YES!! 80 % of women with gestational diabetes WILL, I said WILL develop diabetes type II between 5 to 10 years after the pregnancy. SHAME SHAME SHAME !!

Could I prevented it from happening to me? probably not since I learned it is in the genes, but I most certainly could of avoid getting it so early in life. The latest a person develops diabetes the less health issues will develop. And here I am now, learning how to eat, to think and to live healthy not only for my health sake but for my children's since as I mentioned before it is in our genes they can too develop diabetes, now the question wil be "when" and the answer is "the latest in their life" but if I can make it possible I want that answer to be NEVER!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Laundry Detergent

I was always faithful to Tide and Gain, but lately their prices are more than I am willing to pay as a mom and housemaker. I had seen the Arm and Hammer laundry soap before and always wondered if it was a good brand. On my last trip to the supermarket I couldn't ignore its price: 8 dollars versus Tide : 20 dollars and Gain : 18 dollars. On top of that it comes with the power of Oxy Clean a product I have used before and I know it works. So I didn't think of it much and the arm and hammer were placed on the supermarket cart.

As soon as I got home I started a laundry load. I was surprised by the clean and fresh aroma of the soap, but I was even more surprised by its consistency, more of a dust than granulated as the other brands. This made me doubtful, I thought maybe it wasn't going to work since it wasn't as rough as the others and maybe because of that the clothes wouldn't turn out clean. I started the washer resigned to see no results at all.

I know this can make one laugh but it looked like ages waiting for the cycle to end. I never before waited so anxiously for a load of clean clothes. And Oh surprise surprise !! when I opened the washer the first thing that I noticed was a clean and really fresh aroma. I took the clothes out and at first sight they looked the same but as I looked closer I noticed they were really cleaner and bright, at the moment I was a converted. Definetely I will recommend The Arm and Hammer laundry soap.

Saturday, August 27, 2011


XXIII Olympiad Los Angeles 1984 commemorative cup. Found at my local Salvation Army for 10 cents.

The XXIII Summer Olympic Games took place at Los Angeles California. The TV stations of that time showed daily specials about the great event. Ronald Reagan was the President of The Unites States of America. We could feel the festive mood on those special shows and on the newspapers. In the 80's America was synonym of prosperity and good life, the cool place where everybody wanted to be.

My friend Martha Alicia lived at LA at that time and we used to write to each other. I could only imagined how was the life at The US. I spent most of my days looking at the JcPenney catalogs my mom bought every season. My mom was a Modist and had a large clientele. The ladies that came to our house got inspired from the designs in the catalogs. Designs my mom sew with great precision. I always waited anxiously for the catalogs. I spent hours and hours immerse on those pages that sold the "perfect" life. It has been awhile since then. My mom isn't a Modist anymore, except for small jobs. She no longer buys the's me the one who does. Maybe I pretend to revive the memories every time I go through those pages and even when they are not what they used to be I have to admit that I still get the same feelings from my childhood.

The 80's left a mark on me. I lost my dear Grandmother in May of 1986, a very important figure in my life. I lived my childhood and teen years inspired by the 80's music and fashion. But I will never forget the 1984 Olympic Games. The moment when Ernesto Canto and Raul Gonzalez were first and second place on the 20 Km walk it just.... unforgettable.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Almost ready....

Working working.... school is almost over. Hope to have some 'free' time to write again. Change is expect it.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011



I have lost it!!! my inspiration, that is. Many things happening, 99 % excellent only 1 % is consuming me, it has to do with My Boricua's health. Prayers are welcome.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pushy Rednesday.....

It has been a few weeks since my last rednesday. I am lacking motivation. So many things going on, as my dear bloggy sister Julie said on her blog: "I am learning...learning...God is pushing my buttons...teaching me many things through circumstances...".

Don't get me wrong, I am very GRATEFUL for so many blessings, one of them the WONDERFUL weather here in Cali, I am hurting for my friends back East, they have been hit REALLY hard with snow. I don't even want to imagine My Boricua in that weather, He is still in constant pain, but at least here is sunny.

We have learned that my dear brother in law was diagnosed with lung cancer stage IV and it has spread to the pancreas, this has been very difficult on all of Us. If you find it in your heart, can you please say a prayer for him?

Found this basket at a Salvation Army, I paid less then one dollar, now it's home to ...

this gorgeous plant, I fell in love with it so it HAD to be mine lol...I try not to think so much, just pray, I am trying to make our home a cheerful place to be in.

I saw this beauty a few times at a everyday yard sale, I inquired the price once, but didn't have the re$ource$ for it. I kept going that road but it was always closed until one day... and know it is mine. ;) Full of this and that of course.

This are candelholders, love them.

And this is one of my favorites, it was very cheap, I have learned to thrift 'in bulk' so I can get better prices. Before I used to buy only the item I like and I paid from to 3 to (+) dollars for it, but now I pay the same amount for several little things.

Well it's only the second month of the year, the month of ♥LOVE♥, hope you all have plenty and more of it in your lives.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's A Brand New Year.....

Happy 2011... many blessings for all of Us. The 2010 year was full of all sorts of emotions, despair and Great Miracles. Our battle is over, it was won by the Power of Our Lord. We are very very thankful for that, we are still in the 'awe' feeling. I ask my Lord to never, never, never let me go into the darkness again.

My wishes for this year still with the brand new aroma??? Blessings, blessings and more blessings for Me, for My Beautiful Family, For All of You My Dear Friends and for the World. " Yet You don't have because You ask not".... I read this verse last year and from then until now I ask and ask just like a child asks, YES!! there are times when I get tired but I do what my Kids do, ask and ask and ask until they get what They Want.

Whatever are your believes, I wish all of you the best, may all of your heart desires come true. You all are always in my prayers and thoughts.

Thanks for stopping by and read my silly ideas and thoughts. I'll be reading You.