Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Aromatic Rednesday

Well we are still waiting..... waiting for an answer on the claim for health and college benefits, My Boricua is not able to work anymore by doctors orders. It has been hard on Him, He has always been a provider and to keep our mental and marital sanity we go thrifty hunting. I got this Land's End red suede shoes, brand new for $ 4 dlls.

But I hit the jack pot last week at a Salvation Army Store. I almost fainted when I saw this at the table where all the "insignificant" things are placed , ( well it was actually My Boricua who spotted it first) a Channel No. 5 box with the bottom opened. I thought "it is empty" because I couldn't see how much perfume was inside the black bottle.

But it turned out to be a 'refillable' container, My Boricua found that inside was the actual bottle of perfume almost full, oh Blessed is Our Lord!!!! the price? ONLY $ 3.99 dlls. Can you believe it?! What a wonderful gift, You know, I got emotional about this because I wanted this perfume. My Boricua gave me one last year and it is almost gone. Our Lord DOES know our heart desires.

But.... the gifts didn't end there, next to it I found this perfume by Nina Ricci, "L'Air du Temps", almost full, too.

Same price $ 3.99 dlls. I believe they belonged to the same Lady and I think She was a very elegant Lady, and next to it I found this....

A cute box. The bottom says CORT "Quartette" 4-one dram perfumes. Cort cosmetics, Inc. Dist. Stamford, Conn. Same price $ 3.99 dlls.

They have different names, Golden Night, Showers of Flowers, Ce Soir and Romance, all made in The USA!! ;)

I think these gifts were a remainder from Our Lord, since tomorrow My Boricua will have 2 more medical exams for other type of benefits. These gifts were unexpected, beyond
my expectations. So I know whatever the results from tomorrow exams and the pending VA Claim, He WILL PROVIDE beyond my expectations.....

Thursday, August 5, 2010


This have been a 'funny summer', well we don't get much of a summer here in NY, but we have had several days with high humidity so everyone is going 'crazy' because of the heat wave.

I just noticed something very strange, the trees didn't bloom as other years, their foliage isn't as beautiful and thick as other years and even some trees got fall foliage on them.

While all this is happening we are waiting, too. It was a great gift from Our Lord to win My Boricua's claim. It has been very emotional, for once we are very grateful and at the same time is very sad because we can't ignore the fact that My Boricua is sick and our lives will never be the same or at least 'normal'.

I don't complain, because I have learned to live one day at the time, we no longer make plans for future dates or movie nights, because we don't know how My Boricua will feel that specific day, instead He will tell me if his pain is somewhat manageable and than we'll go from there. I love him so much it just breaks my heart to see him in pain.

Beautiful sunset in Syracuse...

Heavenly sky....