Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Blues on Rednesday...

Well, they came and went, that is My Boricua's appoinments for the retirement. It seems ages ago that I was worried sick about those medical exams. In one or two months we will have the answer, but now I feel 'funny', I don't know how to describe it, blues??? maybe. These past 3 years have been a roller coaster ride plus the Holiday$$$ are here!!!! .

And to keep my mind busy I have been to the flea market several times, I have found so many treasures, here are few of my red ones.

Red tray....

Feeling the Holidays? Got this renuzit air freshener... mmmhhh apples and cinnamon.

Kitchen gadgets on sale and in Red.

Found this great and cute basket with Scotties for only 2 dlls.!!!

Cute 4th. of July sock on sale... .75 cts. ea. pair.

Toy Story Toy Soldiers for my Bambino... well, we all play with them lol and of course Toy Story Comforter with a free Frisbee we got with my new blue Russian kitten.

Some chips from My Beautiful Mexico, years and years without having this brand.

Another gorgeous sunset here at Imperial Valley.

Wanted to see this movie for ages, found it for 1 dollar.

And to celebrate the USMC Birthday today and tomorrow Veterans Day, this gorgeous wreath from the VA Hospital at Syracuse, just love it.

And last an UPDATE on my almost gone finger, lol...

YES!!! the my finger is heal and guess what???? I got my 'fake' nails again!!!!! ooohhh yeaaahhh!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Almost Here....

Well, My Boricua is already back in the East for those 3 evaluations. He left with his heart broken. We miss him so much. My heart is broken too. I always go with him to his medical appointments, I know this pension exams are very stressful and My Boricua is very anxious. Tomorrow is almost here and soon it will be 'yesterday'. A few more hours and the waiting will be over.

This mornig while My Girl and I were waiting for my sister to pick her up for a ride to school, we observe this AMAZING sunrise here in sunny California. She has grown so much this weeks, she is more confident. I'm proud of Her. Yesterday, when her Daddy left, I couldn't say a prayer, my eyes were full of tears, so there, in the middle of my girl's bedroom, we hold hands and She said the most beautiful prayer for her Daddy, just what my heart wanted to say but was unable due to the emotion of seen My Boricua leave.

My Boricua will be back Wednesday, I have already planned his favorite meal, Our Girls will bake him a chocolate cake and we will be waiting for him.... yeah, wednesday is Almost Here.... ♥