Saturday, March 20, 2010

Till death do us apart....

I have been away for a few weeks, there has been so much going on. I am the wife of a Combat Veteran, it has been a great ride to be marry to my gorgeous Boricua, but there is a lot of things that I can not understand because of the result of his military service. Things that affect our daily life, things that will never go completely away.

It's hard for me to understand how somebody who served with great pride and have honored this Great Country has to endure all the tecnisisms and long, long paperwork to get the medical attention and the financial compensation they are entitled to because of the injures and illness resulted from the service they provided to This Beautiful Nation. We have been fighting for several years to get his compensation, it has been a roller coaster, it is tiring, but I can not give up, specially when I see him laying in bed in pain, when I see Our Cubs worry because Papi is not able to play with them, life isn't fair, I know that, but I do believe in a very good God, I believe that if He created the World in 6 days, He will for sure helps us trough this.

I love so much My Boricua, My Marine, because after all, Once a Marine, Always a Marine. I pray everyday for our Military Men and Women and all our Veterans and their Families, keep them all in your prayers today, it is because of them that we can enjoy the freedom and beauty of this Great Nation and we can rest in a comfy bed at night.

On March 11th. 1997 I became Mrs. Santiago with this kiss. A month later we swore our love before God and our Family and Friends.