Sunday, June 20, 2010

Another Father's Day Without You....

You left us on december 26th. 1999. You didn't have the chance to experience the internet, cell phones, web cams, and You missed the "New Millenium". But what You missed most was my kids. Everyday I think of You, your smile, your laugh, your 'big words', but what I miss most is your stories about your birthplace, "The Land of God", you called it.

I didn't know about that terrible day when You found your dear father hurt by his own hands until after You were gone, that day I cried so much, I cried several days for You, for the pain you had to endure, I cried for that young boy who experienced one of the most traumatic events in life. You were still in pain for the lost of your beloved Mother when You lost your Father.

You took care of your brothers and sisters, You never saw them like so. For You, they were your kids. I just learned that You made a promise to your dear Mother, You did good Daddy, You took care of all them.

Rest Daddy, rest knowing My Boricua is taking care of me, just the way You asked Him when I left all You to follow Him. He is a great Dad, just like You.

Thank you Daddy.... Te extraño.... I miss You....

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Almost over.....

We are back.... well since a few hours ago, but we were so tired we went to sleep. I want to thank all of you for your prayers, your words were so sweet and kind. Thank You.

To our surprise the exam was performed by a nurse practitioner. We were expecting a specialist. I couldn't go inside the examination room, but My Boricua told me She looked sort of surprise He was there. My Boricua was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2008, all his treatments and therapies are stated in his file. She just confirmed the diagnose. She told him She will send the results as soon as possible to Buffalo NY where the rating board will make a decision.

At the end we came out as puzzled as before going in. We should get the results in about 30 to 60 days. That's the VA for you. We are just glad this is over so we can move on with our lives.... and today was the perfect day to do that. I watched the soccer game between My Beautiful Mexico Vs. France, I jumped, screamed, yelled, cried, laughed and celebrated each of the 2 goals from Mexico.

It felt soooooo good to do '
normal' things again, well normal according to me, because my 3 kids were looking at me with bewildered eyes while I was screaming my heart out of happiness with the victory of my team. I told them, YES!! this is your mama's passion for soccer so get use to it for the next 4 weeks. LOL....

I think the "
face" was a little too much..... well I think not..!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Memory Lane Rednesday....

For this Rednesday I have a new RED template, thanks to my friend Blo . Love it.

Well, the dateline is here, tomorrow at 8:00 am, we'll be at the VA hospital, My Boricua has a C&P examen for his fibromyalgia, a Gulf War Presumtive Illness by decret of the Director of Veterans Affairs, I shouldn't be worried since My Boricua was in combat for 6 months during the Gulf War, but.... the DVA can pull a fast one when you least expect it.

There is so much in jeopardy, not only monetary, but educational and medical benefits for our kids too. It has been a long, long battle. I am tired, mentally, phisically and at some point spiritually, but here I am with Faith, with Hope, with a thankful heart for the many praying for an excellent outcome. My special thanks to Julie.

Here are my REDS fill with memories.....

One of my birthdays in Mexico, oh those memories help me so much!!! That RED couch lasted for ever...

Dating My Boricua, He did ( and still DOES ) make happy. Here we were dating for just ONE WEEK.... See the RED pot? and my RED lips? can you feel the love in the air?

In our wedding at the Court House, with this kiss, I became Mrs. Santiago. Loved that RED suit. A present from My Boricua...

Our Church Wedding.... Do you know The US marine Corps has decorated their dress uniform pants with RED lines along the side that signifies the loss of American marines during the battle of Chapultepec in Mexico? Los Niños Heroes de Chapultepec was the name of my elementary school in Mexico.

My parents, Christmas Eve 1999.... My dear Daddy last Chirstmas, He passed away on dec. 26th. 1999. I was away in NC when this happened, I was following My Marine, He received orders from California to North Carolina and I missed the last 2 years of His life, but I don't regreted anymore, I spent my first 23 years with Him and He did make sure we had a happy life.

And finally.... WOW!!! this sunset 2 day ago was amazing, it was heavenly.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Quiet Rednesday...

Well everything is quiet lately. After my finger and toe incident. It seems and feels so calm.

On June 17th. at 8 am, My Boricua will have a medical exam at the VA Hospital. This will define the pending claims and at some extend our future. We want to relocate close to my family, somewhere in California where the weather is warmer.

So to keep my mental sanity I have been...

cooking 'comfort foods' like Mexican rice. Onion, cilantro, Anaheim (California) peppers, tomatoes, chickien bullion with tomato, tomato sauce are the ingredients for this delicious dish.

pampering My Boricua with his favorite Mexican dishes like this Caldo de Res and Arroz, Beef stew with Mexican Rice in my red tray.

enjoying the delicious food our city offers.

delighting in beautiful sunsets. ( Oswego NY. )

finding little treasures in thrift stores like these placemats and a tablecloth for Christmas with my favorite The Poinsettia or as we call it in Mexico "Flor de Nochebuena" ( The Good Night Flower).

looking back at my pictures to get inspired again. (wall in our previous home with my collection of suns and a red wall. I loved that house unfortunately there were many issues as you can see on the dining room ceiling.)

Happy Rednesday....

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Upss I did it again......

At my office, a corner in the hallway which I covered in what else, RED wallpaper....

Well, my finger is almost completely heal... oh yeah!! I'll be getting my acrylic nails soon, but.... yes, I did it again!!! this time is my big toe nail, the left side AGAIN!!!!..... Yesterday while I was helping my Girls organizing their rooms my toe started to hurt a little, I didn't pay attention, I kept reading one of their teens magazines, gossiping with them and forgot about it.

Later at night, while I was preparing this post I got this 'feeling' something wasn't right, I looked down and saw my toe nail loose.... oh no!!! when, how, who???? then I remembered. About a month ago I tripped with my left foot, hitting my big toe. It did hurt like *bleep*, but I checked it out and my toe was o.k. so, I forgot, until last night.

To make a long story short, my toe is o.k., a new nail was under the old one. But, I think I have been in one of those 'stages' where our distractions can harm us and my body is telling me "hey, watch out, take care, look at me, rest".... After all, we have been under a lot of pressure, with My Boricua's illnesses and the battle with the Department of Veterans Affairs.
This is why, in part, I posted so late, today I rested and enjoyed my Familia, we dinned out in a wonderful mexican restaurant, the food was good and I treated myself to a delicious cold strawberry margarita, perfect to relax and cool down on a hot-humid day.... ahhh, yes, life is good....