Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Des-poo-ca-boo Rednesday.....

Wow...!!! A lot of things happened since my last "rednesday" and/or "ruby tuesday". We are living in the West Coast now, My Bambino started kindergarden, and the VA pulled a fast one on Us, it is despoocaboo!!!!!

My Boricua has to be evaluated again next week. This is, I hope, the last battle with the VA. There are so many benefits in 'the air' until My Boricua receives the full retirement. I have so much in my mind right now, that I am getting a worried that I am not worried at all!!! Do you understand what I mean??? We were waiting for this evaluation until January or March, it just came unexpected.

Still, if You find it in your hearts, can You please say a prayer for Us? I know My Boricua it's anxious about these appoinments and we just want Him to receive all the benefits He earned by his service to Our Great Nation.

Now for my REDS and Rubies, here are a few pictures from our daily, ordinary life that I LOVE.

A walk to a park in Oswego NY.

An amaizing red sunset in Oswego, NY.

Getting ready for Christmas yet??? Not me.... this is a pic from last Christmas. Just LOVE it.

I still remember this night, kind of 'eerie' but peaceful at the same time.

No more snow for me....!!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I am still alive...

It's Me.... I am still here. It has been awhile since the last post. We have moved cross Country, from the East to the West. We are closer than I imagined to Family and that is Good.

We have faced new challenges, a few tears from fear, but with the Power of Prayer and the Power of God we are conquering those fears.

I have been getting new old things.... We left all our material possessions ( well 99 % ) back East... There is an amazing flea market open THE SEVEN DAYS of the week!! I found my best find EVER, I have wanted one of this for a looooooong time, a white goose down top featherbed from Macy's still in the bag with a price tag of 280 dollars, YES!!! for 280 DOLLARS.... for... are You ready for this? ONLY 4 DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A reminder from Above... No matter where I am He will take care of Me. He knows my dreams, fears, and even those silly desires of my heart.

We got GREAT Unexpected News for My Boricua and at the same time we got news of another set of Medical Exams via Department of Veterans Affairs... when are they going to accept the fact that My Beloved Boricua is ill due to his Military Service? specifically for those months in combat defending our Great Nation? Why is so hard to take care of our Veterans, if the Military broke it They Should Pay For It!!!!!!!!!!

For a moment I started to feel a panic attack then I realized this is "A Blessing in Disguised"... The Battle Belongs To The Lord!