Monday, December 19, 2011

I will say it : NEVER !!

My daily routine.

Wow ! when was my last post? I don't have an idea. My brain has been in a sort of a fog. So much has happened in this year coming to an end. Most of it has been good, actually very good. But there is always a "but" isn't? I'm not complaining just venting out, some healthy and much need it venting out.

I was feeling very tired so when the time came to take one of my yearly exams I brought the matter to my doctor. I had a complete blood work done and oh surprise, it came back with news I have diabetes. Actually I wasn't surprised. The symptoms I was experiencing were those of diabetes and yes, I google them that's why I wasn't surprised. Oh and there is a "little detail" my previous doctors fail to tell me about, I had gestational diabetes in my last two pregnancies and NO ONE, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE of those physicians warned me that 80 % YES!! 80 % of women with gestational diabetes WILL, I said WILL develop diabetes type II between 5 to 10 years after the pregnancy. SHAME SHAME SHAME !!

Could I prevented it from happening to me? probably not since I learned it is in the genes, but I most certainly could of avoid getting it so early in life. The latest a person develops diabetes the less health issues will develop. And here I am now, learning how to eat, to think and to live healthy not only for my health sake but for my children's since as I mentioned before it is in our genes they can too develop diabetes, now the question wil be "when" and the answer is "the latest in their life" but if I can make it possible I want that answer to be NEVER!