Monday, May 31, 2010

The Price of Freedom....

We often hear the phrase "Freedom isn't free", but few of Us realize it's meaning. Freedom is a precious thing most of all take for granted. Our military men and women, veterans and their families pay a high price, please, don't forge it.

I have always admired the WWII generation. I learned about them watching old movies. From the serious ones to the 'pleasant to the eye movies of Cary Grant'. Last night I watched "Operation Petticoat", it brought so many memories of my childhood in Mexico, when I first watched the movie with My Dear Father. For years I didn't remember the title of the movie but with the help of the wonderful internet I researched about 'a military movie with bras in the sea' and voila!!! I found it.

So, my way to honor all those Heroes is by sharing my passion for "The Greatest Generation" series by Tom Brokaw. I never get tired of reading them.

And share this cute set I found in one my thrift stores adventures... is from the LTD commodities catalog. I plan to use it at the 4th. of July bar-b-q.....

To our Heroes past and present Thank You.... Gracias....!!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hot Rednesday....

A couple of my favorite British Comedy Series.......

Well today was 86-88 degrees, 100% humidity, tomorrow will be 90 +.... We were inside all day with the A.C. on... But the weather isn't the only "hot" thing going on around here.

This past weekend was a "hot" one, on Friday, My Boricua went to pick up our oldest girl earlier than usual, He had several appointments at the VA Hospital and we wouldn't be able to be back by the time school was over, to His surprise He found our Girl at the main office crying, she has been bullied since last year, but Friday My Girl couldn't take it anymore. And how amazing is Our Lord that I suggested (( well it was HIM who put that thought on my mind )) my husband to go that day into the office himself, usually I am the one who goes into the school to sign out our Girls.

Oh My Lord...!!! all the h*ll broke loose, even the devil ran away from My Boricua that day, being a former Marine, well a Marine (once a Marine, always a Marine), He took charge of the situation and defended our Girl with all His heart and guts. What agraviated Him most was the Principal didn't take the time to listen to him. My Girl is a Honor Roll student, she is a role model and an asset for that Middle School. He notified the school our Girl wouldn't attend school until the situation was resolved.

We went on Monday mornign to school, first we were told the Principal wasn't there, I told them her car was in the parking lot; then we were told she was in a very important meeting, I asked them if She was refusing to meet with Us; then they suggested we could of meet with a counselor, we refused and asked for the Superintendent address and phone number; we got the number and asked again if the principal would spare 5 minutes, they said she couldn't; My Marine told them our lawyer would contact her; we were offered to meet the Vice-Principal, My Boricua said -"NO! already spoke to Him on Friday, a very unpleasant conversation"-; we were told the Principal was on her way and were guided to her office, and then THAT WOMAN!! with a "stupid look" on her face told the vice-principal "I have a very important meeting", I told her "it will take only 5 minutes"; she said she wished she could but she couldn't.

At this point My Marine PTSD was skyrocketing at the light speed, the vice-principal asked if we were willing to meet with him, I had to drag My Marine with me to the vice-principal office and we talked and talked... except My Marine, He didn't blink or moved, at one point I felt sorry for the Vice-Principal, he was trying the best He could to reach out to a very upset Father. But you see to a PTSD combat veteran there are very few things with value, almost none, but do NOT touch was it is important to him because he can go to war once again to protect it.

And well to avoid a 10 pages post, we were told The Girl was suspended from school until her parents schedule a meeting with the vice-principal, my Girl will be doing her art work (this incident happened at Art Class) with her gym teacher, KUDOS for Mrs. Ferrante because She is an amazing teacher and teaches the Girls to be strong. Science class will be the only one they share, we were offered to attend that specific class just to make sure our Girl will be o.k., but apparently some family crisis happened on the girl's family and she is not coming back to school any time soon.

Finally for my Rednesday, I had in mind these pics, but my finger ER trip changed everything. The book "The Red Leather Diary", I won it via Swag-bucks, a searching engine that gives you swag dollars you can exchanged for prices. I accumulated several hundreds and got an Amazon card and got the book. Love it..... it's an amazing story, a diary from the 30's found by an writer in NY city.

Finally...!!!! I have been dying to read this book for a couple of years...

P.D. My finger is healing wonderfully thanks to God. I can't wait to get my acrylic nails with a neon color on them and a beach scene, so ready for summer. ( Can you believe the first thing that came to my mind when I "sliced" my finger was "Oh God, I won't be able to have fake nails again???", LOL....)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Another painful Rednesday...

Well, I had in mind another set of pictures for today, since it is My Beloved Maternal Grandmother 24th. Death Aniversary, but yesterday while I was chopping the radicchio for a delicious salad somehow I 'missed' and chopped the tip of my left index finger.

I endep up in the emergency room, got a Tetanus shot (the 'new shot' for adults, the same kids get) and I came back home with this huge new finger, my kids call it "the number one finger", they think they are very funny.... Mmmmmmm...
Notice the RED sweater I was wearing.....

Ouch...!!!! Thank God is healing, as My Boricua said this morning, "beautifuly"....

Yikes, Mom...!!!! that's what My Kids were saying....

So, here I am, with a painful finger and an aching heart....

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A "now what" Rednesday...

Well, today we had another round with the Veterans Affairs and doctors from the VA Hospital. First the rheumatologist didn't hear a thing about My Boricua's fibromylgia pain, for her and 99 % of the Veterans Hospital doctors, all medical issues are because of the 'overweight', because My Boricua isn't "sleeping good" or because of something else except the fact He IS a combat veteran, the fact He was 6 looooong months in combat and He was exposed to God only knows what.

I am very, very tired, yesterday My Boricua told me with a sad voice: "You are not bubbly today"... you see, according to My Boricua I have a "bubbly personality" and He likes that. But yesterday I couldn't take it anymore, I broke down right there at his therapy session where we went after My Boricua experienced a break down. Now what...? Every link in the chain of command had failed Him.

I now realized I put my trust and faith in the wrong place. I should of come first to the One and Only, the One Who IS in control, the One Who allows a leaf in a tree to move.

Now for my Rednesday...

A deep red vase My Boricua gave once with flowers. These lilacs are from a neighbor's tree. I was walking back home after dropping off My Girls and I admired her tree, a very nice Lady, offered me some flowers to take home, of course I couldn't say no.

A magnet My Youngest Girl made for me a few years ago. I love it.

A board game found in a Salvation Army Store, in pristine condition.

And a Second Place Medal My Oldest Girl won at a school health competition. I am very proud of Her, She not only won the red ribbon medal in one week, She also won 3rd. place at a science fair project.

And last, a pic of My Bambino's bed. I love to lay down and rest in My Kids bedrooms, they are full of happiness. You know, He was breech when I was pregnant, He is already 5 years old, and I find it amusing that He sometimes sleep in this position.

If you find it in you heart I ask you for a prayer, for My Boricua, for my children, for me, for all the families, like us, that suffer the consequences of a war, for all our veterans and all our men and women in uniform.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Painful Rednesday....

Well, today My Bambino has a doctor appoinment, He needs one shot to be registered for kindergarden, ouch!! it's gonna be painful. He is 5 years old and He can kick as hard as mule, let's see how it goes.

For my share of Rednesday I have a warm wool blanket made in Rumania, I got it from a very dear couple, They have retired to Puerto Rico and gave us their sleeper couch and the blanket, it is soooo cozy, I can see myself wrap in it, reading a book in a cold winter night like the ones we have here in NY. It's made of virgin wool.

This jar was only 99 cents in my favorite thrift store. It was empty until yesterday, finally I found a pop corn maker and this jar was perfect to store the kernels.

Tom Brokaw' s Greates Generation Series. I love them, love them, love them. I have always admire the WWII military men and women, since I was a child in Mexico. I never, never in my wildest dreams imagined I would of end up married to a Marine.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Today was The Day...

It was an amazing day. Today My Girls received Jesus for the First Time. It was very emotional. There have been many things going on. My Boricua's health, the headaches with the Veterans Affairs and PMS.... =-( ahhhh PMS, don't we ladies love PMS??, yeah right!!! But nothing could make this day look gray, not even the clouds and the fact that the weather has been a nightmare, from snow last week till today when we had a very, very humid and hot day.

There were moments when I had to contain my tears, I missed my Family so much in this important day, but I know they were present in mind and spirit. After the Mass we planned to go to Limp Lizard, but it was full of bikers and rebels (nothing against them) drinking beer and having a really, really good time, so we thought it wasn't the right place for two girls in Communion attire, he he he... at the end we went for another Limp Lizard location and opted for take out, mmmmhh... delicious bar-b-q ribs, chicken, pull pork sandwiches (nothing compares to the North Carolina pull pork), fries, chili, corn bread, slaw, mmmmmhhhh.... delicioso!!!

After that delicious meal we all took naps, the air conditioner made it impossible to resist. It was good to rest after all the work we did getting ready for this day. Isn't our Lord Amazing?