Thursday, October 8, 2009

Entre chacharas te veas...

My first encounter with the "second hand things" was when I was a child in my dear Mexicali... My parents used to go the this place called "virreyes" a shopping center with several little shops with gently used furniture, clothing, etc., etc. Every sunday they went and when I wasn't too lazy I went too. There is a mobile fleamarket on sundays and other weekday, we used to go there too, plenty of treasures.

When I got married and came to live the USA my first experience was the yard or garage sales, living on a miliary base I did find several new little (and big ) wonderful things.

After that I found the "thrifstores" and I am in love with them. Most of my decor is from them, several pieces of kitchen gadgets and vintage bowls, purses, shoes, the list has no ending... most of them are new or barely used.

Most of the things in our house serve a purpose, but few are just for my enjoyment to make me smile just by looking at them and make my day brighter.

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