Thursday, October 14, 2010

I am still alive...

It's Me.... I am still here. It has been awhile since the last post. We have moved cross Country, from the East to the West. We are closer than I imagined to Family and that is Good.

We have faced new challenges, a few tears from fear, but with the Power of Prayer and the Power of God we are conquering those fears.

I have been getting new old things.... We left all our material possessions ( well 99 % ) back East... There is an amazing flea market open THE SEVEN DAYS of the week!! I found my best find EVER, I have wanted one of this for a looooooong time, a white goose down top featherbed from Macy's still in the bag with a price tag of 280 dollars, YES!!! for 280 DOLLARS.... for... are You ready for this? ONLY 4 DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A reminder from Above... No matter where I am He will take care of Me. He knows my dreams, fears, and even those silly desires of my heart.

We got GREAT Unexpected News for My Boricua and at the same time we got news of another set of Medical Exams via Department of Veterans Affairs... when are they going to accept the fact that My Beloved Boricua is ill due to his Military Service? specifically for those months in combat defending our Great Nation? Why is so hard to take care of our Veterans, if the Military broke it They Should Pay For It!!!!!!!!!!

For a moment I started to feel a panic attack then I realized this is "A Blessing in Disguised"... The Battle Belongs To The Lord!


Angela said...

A reminder from Above... No matter where I am He will take care of Me. He knows my dreams, fears, and even those silly desires of my heart.

amen amen amen..and Yes, the battle does belong to the Lord..((hugs))

What a find with that goodness. What a blessing from God above.

Julie said...


So glad to see your post, to hear you have survived the GREAT MOVE OF 2010....and to see you have found some outstanding places to continue the thrill of thrifting! woot!
As you saw in one of my posts, my hubby already spied a Goodwill up there. :-)
And don't forget Craig's List. Sometimes there are some awesome deals on there too.
I wanted to email you a link to a fantastic encouragement devo. I will paste it here and maybe you can copy and paste it in your browser and get it to go to the link. :-)
Hugs to you Cotty. So glad the first BIG step is done. Looks like I may be following in your footsteps next year...RAh for you as you continue on your family's life adventure with God leading! Keep trusting His powerful and watchful Fatherly care over you.

CACHANILLA73 said...

Angela, those words were whispered to me by The Holly Ghost, it was like sweet balm on an open wound while I was typing them, and YES that was a great blessing, just a "taste" of what He can do for Us.

Julie, thanks for the link, IT IS a wonderful web resource, I will be reading from it every day. And Yes! we keep God in every step we take, With Him EVERYTHING, WITHOUT Him, nothing... I look forward to read all your adventures of the GREAT MOVE OF 2011.
Take care!!!

Minnie said...

Cotty, Welcome back! Wow, what a move. I can't imagine leaving behind all that stuff, but you are gaining so much more being closer to your family. And, as you so aptly described, God is taking care of you in big and small ways.

CACHANILLA73 said...

Thanks Minnie!!! and yes... what a move!!! But we are so glad to be at Sunny California.. It will be the first Christmas together in 13 years!!!!!!!! wow... I got goosebumps just to imagine. The material things weren't that hard to leave, except 1 or 2 vintage things, but hey... just as You said I have gained so much by being close to my Familia and I know I will find those little retro treasures again.

Take care and saludos...

Angela said...

I pray in agreement with you dear sister..thank you for bringing this comment to all of us so we can pray specially for this intention. ((hugs))

CACHANILLA73 said...

Thanks Angela, I know the power of praying is amazing it does change everything.

nannykim said...

wow, I have not been spending much time blogging lately!! So you have had a huge move!!! Glad you are closer to family. I prayed for your hubby today and may God take care of you and yours always! He is good, and he sometimes works in different ways!