Monday, December 19, 2011

I will say it : NEVER !!

My daily routine.

Wow ! when was my last post? I don't have an idea. My brain has been in a sort of a fog. So much has happened in this year coming to an end. Most of it has been good, actually very good. But there is always a "but" isn't? I'm not complaining just venting out, some healthy and much need it venting out.

I was feeling very tired so when the time came to take one of my yearly exams I brought the matter to my doctor. I had a complete blood work done and oh surprise, it came back with news I have diabetes. Actually I wasn't surprised. The symptoms I was experiencing were those of diabetes and yes, I google them that's why I wasn't surprised. Oh and there is a "little detail" my previous doctors fail to tell me about, I had gestational diabetes in my last two pregnancies and NO ONE, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE of those physicians warned me that 80 % YES!! 80 % of women with gestational diabetes WILL, I said WILL develop diabetes type II between 5 to 10 years after the pregnancy. SHAME SHAME SHAME !!

Could I prevented it from happening to me? probably not since I learned it is in the genes, but I most certainly could of avoid getting it so early in life. The latest a person develops diabetes the less health issues will develop. And here I am now, learning how to eat, to think and to live healthy not only for my health sake but for my children's since as I mentioned before it is in our genes they can too develop diabetes, now the question wil be "when" and the answer is "the latest in their life" but if I can make it possible I want that answer to be NEVER!


Val said...

Oh, wow, Cotty. That's a lot to adjust to. How is it going? My mom has been put on a dairy-free diet and has gone gluten-free also for health reasons all in the past six months, and it's been a big adjustment for her. I hope you enjoyed the holidays--sugar-free cookies?!?--and that you're feeling okay.



CACHANILLA73 said...

Thanks Val !!!!! It has been a pain in the neck to adjust to a new lifestyle, I LOVE chocolates, I found some of the popular brands sugar free. There is so much to learn but I'm taking one step a the time. Hope your Mom is doing better. Hugs.

Val said...

Thank you, Cotty. I'm glad you've found some good sugar-free treats. :) xoxo♥♥

Minnie said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear these sad news. Diabetes is a serious illness and I hope that, with God's help, you are able to control it and live life as normally as possible. It is quite hard to give up the things we love but our health demands that we exercise self-discipline so that we can be around a lot longer to care for and enjoy our beautiful families. As you may remember, I had a health scare myself a couple years ago. A failed gall bladder, which is not as serious as diabetes but I took it as a wake-up call nonetheless. I have given up daily coffee and this new year decided to also greatly reduce my dependence on my beloved "pan Mexicano," which I'm embarassed to say had turned into a daily habit. I now only eat it two or three times month. I missed it intensely the first few days and then a couple of weeks but now I think I could give it up completely except for a few times a year! Best to you as always, Minnie

CACHANILLA73 said...

Thank you Minnie! and YES! it is very hard to give up not only food but old bad habits. I pray everyday that my hands be blessed so I can cook healthy delicious meals for my family and me. I'm a very happy you are back.